Testosterone replacement therapy could be the new Viagra

There are many studies that show how testosterone replacement therapy can help those who have erectile problems. When you thought Viagra is the only answer for erection problems, then think again. An increase in testosterone level means that you can now perform generously during sexual intercourse and be more active on other physical activities and exercises.

Doctors on the other hand are warning people to limit or stop the uncontrollable use of testosterone to help them increase their sex drive. Various side effects of the constant use of testosterone are damage to the liver, blood clots and prostate tumors and others.

Some clinics in the U.S. and Europe are still prescribing testosterone shots to some of their patients in order to help them with their sexual deficiencies. Other doctors and clinics on the other hand are very much aware of the damage it might cause to your internal organs thus warning their patients to stay off testosterone replacement therapy. This is only useful for patients who are diagnosed with very low levels of testosterone thus making them undergo the therapy. However some people are still able to acquire this illegally.

It is a fact that many people in the U.S. and Europe suffer from having low levels of testosterone thus making doctors prescribe testosterone replacement drugs. It does not only help in increasing their libidos but will also with depression. This is only beneficial for those who need this kind of drug but other men are using it purely to increase their sex drive and not for medical purposes.

This can be easily bought with prescription at any drugstore thus making it easy for teenagers to purchase them simply by forging a prescription. Nowadays, a good number of teenagers have already discovered the drug and is currently using it before having sexual intercourse.

Two major pharmaceutical companies have already released testosterone replacement therapy drugs. Eli Lilly and Abbot Laboratories are the ones who have already mass produced this drug to the public making it easy for people to uncontrollably use them to whatever extent.

The sale of these testosterone enhancing drug has increased in six years since people became aware of its magical properties it can do to their libidos asking their doctors for a prescription in order to cure their depression when in reality they are only using it for their sexual activities thus creating an awareness for physicians in the U.S. and in Europe to give out prescriptions only to those that require the drug.