How Effective Are Herbal Alternatives to Viagra?

Since Viagra was released in 1998, many men have sought after this little blue pill as a cure for their impotence. The cures that have preceded Viagra were not very functional; many say the previous cures removed the intimacy of the sexual act because it was not natural. However, now that Viagra has been available in the market for almost a decade, many people are looking for alternatives. This search has many reasons — from the fear of the supposed side effects to the drug’s incompatibility with other medication. But perhaps the most pressing concern of people about the Viagra is its price. While its price is not exorbitant, it could be restricting for some people. This is why many people are looking for other ways — cheaper ways — to cure their erectile dysfunction.

One of the many alternatives to the Viagra is the herbal Viagra. While it is widely known as herbal Viagra, it is not in any way connected or affiliated with the drug or the drug’s manufacturer, Pfizer. They use the name “Viagra” merely for recall. These herbal Viagra products are available in places and countries where there is a striving herbal medicine industry — mostly countries with flourishing flora. People can buy these herbal Viagra in street stalls in different countries, although it is available in other countries through medicinal stores and online pharmacies. Clearly, its main advantage over the Viagra is its price. Because it is not manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, its price merely reflects its source; most of these herbal Viagra are merely plant produce, with hardly any preparations needed. It took years of expensive research to develop Viagra, while herbal medicine is knowledge that was probably acquired through the ages and from an area’s flora — or maybe even one’s backyard. There are pills that are marketed as herbal Viagra because it is made from only herbal ingredients. Still, these herbal Viagra pills are cheaper than the real Viagra. Those who have tried herbal Viagra claim that it so heightens the sensation in the penis, making sexual intercourse more pleasurable. Herbal Viagra is also said to have other benefits, which is the nature of herbal medicine.

But why should one choose Viagra over herbal Viagra? Are herbal Viagra products safe? If one judges from its origins, one could say no, especially since they are not monitored by the proper authorities. Anyone can sell pills over the internet and claim the pills are herbal Viagra. This is why one should only deal with esteemed and known online pharmacies.

Others may want the guarantee that major pharmaceutical company like Pfizer developed and distributed Viagra. Because herbal Viagra — as well as other herbal medicine — is not regulated, the safety of the user is not guaranteed. Viagra was developed specifically to address the need of the penis for an increase in blood flow. Herbal Viagra may have the same effect, but it is not as specialized. And because it is not regulated, the exact dosage of herbal Viagra that one should take is not certain. This is dangerous, since even herbal medicines have intense side effects. Some herbal Viagra products promote low blood pressure and decrease the blood flow in other vital organs. This could result to fatal consequences. As with any kind of purchase, one has to know the pros and cons of the product, especially if the product involves the health of the user.